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How to Spy on Tracfone and other pre paid Cell Phones

How to Spy on Tracfone and other pre paid Cell Phones

Article by Jack Mackay

How to Spy on Tracfone and other pre paid Cell Phones. If you want to spy on one of those popular phones that is a smart phone and has a mainstream operating system like Symbian or Android the process is pretty simple and direct.

Place the spying program on the target cell phone and from that point forward spy information gets secretly sent to your members area which you can view any time from a web browser. To spy on a cell phone that doesn’t have one of these popular operating systems there is one thing standing in your way.

Compatibility. There generally are no standard cell phone spy programs that are compatible with these types of phones. How do we spy on a cell phone like Metro PCS, Straight Talk, or Net10?

Remote cell phone spy software of course. A remote phone spy app is a little different in that instead of being installed to the phone you want to spy on you install it to your own phone.

Here is a website dedicated entirely to How to remote cell phone spy.

The one thing you need to be aware of is for remote spy software to work on your mobile phone your cell phone has to be a smart phone. The only other thing you need to be aware of his most remote mobile spying software is garbage.

Unless you want to throw your money down the toilet you don’t want to buy a remote mobile spy unless it comes with technical support and some sort of guarantee and the only one I’ve seen that does is cell control. Cell-control costs . Although the other remote spy software usually only costs with no guarantee and no technical support I would avoid it.

With cell control there are no additional fees such as monthly fees ever. At cell control has a lot of spy features such as spying on calls, spying on text messages, spying on the location of the person with the mobile device, even the ability to listen to phone calls live.

Another plus to a program like cell control is increased stealth because it gets installed to your phone and not the one you are spying on. The best case scenario is finding a mobile spy program that you installed the target phone.

If a compatible phone spy for the target phone can’t be found then cell control is your solution.

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